Plants vs zombies bobsled bonanza 8 slots

Plants vs Zombies Bobsled Bonanza Tutorial. Video demonstration of a .. Note: You must have at least 8 seed slots to do this strategy. Pick the following. If you want to win bobsled bonanza choose these plants:Jalapeno,sunflower slots) and faced the dilemma of 4 normal zombies, one in each lane, coming - 2 I did it with 8 slots and no peashooters/projectile launchers. 8 plants i picked: sunflower, potato mine, squash, walnut, jalapeno, lily pad, spikeweed & starfruit. its easy to.

Plants vs zombies bobsled bonanza 8 slots - dem

If a Zombie Bobsled Team appears and your two Jalapenos are still recharging, plant a Repeater immediately. Only use Spikeweeds to kill Zombonis! I just did the easy way with fume shrooms and spikerocks. Use the Squash, Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb, and Spikeweed As written here, this strategy includes 11 plants: I've done it two ways. Start immediately with planting sunflowers on the land lanes, in the first two columns from the house.

Plants vs zombies bobsled bonanza 8 slots Video

Plants vs Zombies Bobsled Bonanza Hard Game Easy Win And Surprise Visit By Yeti, Part 1 If a Zombie Bobsled Team makes it past the ice in an unprotected row, drop a Wall-nut, wait for them to bunch up, and use a Squash. I tried planting sunflowers in the water, to free up grass vfb hoffenheim for Peashooters and Potato Mines, but I have to plant lilypads if I do that, which takes an extra 25 points, and means I can plant fewer sunflowers in the same amount of time. Bureaucrats Founders Brainulator9 Jackninja5 Someone Starfruity ThisUserLikesOreo. Sunflower Spikeweed Spikerock Fume-Shroom Gloom-Shroom Coffee Bean Lily Pad Wall-Nut The Gloom-Shroom and Spikerock could be left out if a person doesn't have enough Seed slots, but the rest would be enough to deal with every zombie that comes. Pogo Party Wait until you get the imitator. I beat it without a Jalpenio.


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